Apology Letter for a Mistake

Committing mistakes are normal for human beings. Even the best employees can make mistakes. Writing an apology letter will help you go a long way as it will be a face saving tool for you and it will help you redeem your status at work again.

Admitting your mistake shows that you are mature enough to take responsibility for your actions. Mention the mistake you have done and also state any reasons for that mistake. Make sure to add a detailed account of your mistake and its consequences. Acknowledge the fact that you have committed a mistake and that your mistake could have serious financial or otherwise damages. Make a plan to rectify your mistake and mention your future plans to improve yourself for avoiding such things.

Write a sincere and heartfelt apology for your mistake. Make your employer confident that these mistakes do not occur frequently and that you will take steps to fix your blunder. Assure your employer that it will never happen again.

Apology Letter for a Mistake


[Sender Name]

[Company Name]-optional



[Recipient Name]



Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I feel very sorry for sending the wrong invoice to the customer [name]. I am sure my mistake might have caused a lot of problems for you and the accounts department as well. I should have been more careful and this was a mistake that was not expected from an experienced person like me. I would like to sincerely apologize for my mistake and I would take necessary steps to rectify it.

My job requires a lot of diligence which I have tried to maintain in every possible situation. My negligent behavior caused this problem and as soon as I realized my mistake, I consulted my supervisor so as to advise me the best possible way to deal with the situation.

I will make sure to be keener when sending invoices to the customers. I want to assure you that I will try my best to avoid such mistakes in the future. I really enjoy my job and make every effort to give my best. I hope you will accept my apology and overlook my mistakes.


[Senders Name]


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Apology Letter for a MistakeApology Letter for a Mistake

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