Apology Letter for Missing Appointment

We might make commitments and end up in not fulfilling them. An apology letter is a good way to keep you out of any legal action when you screw up things.

The apology should never be about you, your feelings or your intentions. It should always be focused to make the other person feel better. The person being hurt is not at all interested to know about your feelings or your reasons for your actions. He/she would be more interested to know how you plan to remedy the situation.

Offers of compensation can be very important as they are the best way to redeem your actions. Missing an appointment means wasting the other person’s time. You can always make up for it by rescheduling the meeting or completing any missed deadlines.

Express your empathy and try to know the perspective of the other person. By knowing the concerns of people being hurt, they will feel valued and will further strengthen the relationship.

Missing an appointment not only affects us but it also has effects on our team members. Writing an apology means that you acknowledge the fact that you violated the rules and you are mindful of it. It shows that you respect the time and feelings of your team members equally.

Apology Letter for Missing Appointment


[Your Name]


[Recipient’s Name]



[Subject: Subject of Letter] -Optional-


Dear [Recipient’s name]

Please accept my sincere apology for not attending the meeting held last night. I am sure you and the team will be wondering not only about my absence but also my negligent behavior as I did not report my absence.

An hour before the meeting had to start; I got an unexpected call from my wife due to which I had to leave for her. The emergency situation got me panic due to which it skipped out of my mind to advise on my absence.

You will never face another unprofessional situation from my side again. Please accept my apology. I assure you that I have been briefed on the discussions of the meeting. I am also aware of the assignments required from me.

I am looking forward to being present in all our future meetings.


[Your Name]


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Apology Letter for Missing AppointmentApology Letter for Missing Appointment

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