Apology Letter for not being able to Pay the Rent

All our liabilities in the form of fees, rents or other services payments are required to be given on time as per rules and policies. At the end of a month, one is always making out to calculate and manage the dues regarding school fees of children as well as rent of the house. Sometimes crucial circumstances come unexpectedly, that one becomes unable to pay the dues. This is an unfortunate situation for the household, but uncertainties always exist in life. And hard times can come on anyone at any time as it is a natural phenomenon. Most commonly, people try to do some savings for hard times. But still, sometimes one is unable to pay the dues liable on him. Sometimes, we lose our job. Apart from it, sometimes our money is lost. Moreover, often severe illness or diseases cause us to spend all the money and we are left with zero cash in hand. Then we suffer from the issue of paying lately with a keen apology.

Apology Letter for not being Able to Pay the Rent


The Arcade Apartments.

Mark Thompson.

Block 26D. Fleet Cross Avenue, New York.

2nd December 2016.


Mr. Jack Samuelsson.


The Arcade Apartments.

Block 12A, Fleet Cross Avenue, New York


Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are doing great. With the heartiest apology, I want to inform you that I am unable to pay the rent of this month along with next one. I am concerned about it but unfortunately, I lost my job. The company in which I was an employee is bankrupt. I am passing through very hard times and I am left with zero savings as I have paid the children school fees with a fear of their termination from school. I must quote that you are ever so kind landlord I have ever met. You are very kind and cooperative towards me and my family. I will pay the rent after three months as I am applying for different jobs. As soon as I get some job, it will be my priority to pay the rent.

I am thankful to you for this kindness.


Mark Thompson

The Arcade Apartments.


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Apology letter for not being able to pay rentApology Letter for not being able to Pay the Rent

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