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letter to decline an invitation to join an organization 0

Letter to Decline an Invitation to Join an Organization

Nowadays, finding a job is a tough task. Competition in the market is too hard. One has to strive much for finding the best job he deserves or he needs. But on the other hand, sometimes such situations happen that we have to refuse the job offers. It is not that much easy to decline. One has to attempt it with much care as well reputed companies and organizations have...

Job Refusal Letter to a Company 0

Job Refusal Letter to a Company

When you are not accepting a job offered by a company for any reason, writing the rejection letter is a right thing to do. Declining the job offer verbally is not a practical act and it is good to write a letter. The purpose of writing the letter is to let the reader know that you are turning down the job offered by them. The letter should be short and...