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Resignation Letter for Teachers 0

Resignation Letter for Teachers

After working at somewhere for quite a time, there comes a moment when you have to resign for several possible reasons. The following letter is written as a resignation for a teacher from his/her job. The letter begins with the notes of announcing your resign along with the reason you have as an explanation. The letter must be written at least two weeks before actually leaving the institution. The following...

Resignation Letter because of Health Reasons 0

Resignation Letter because of Health Reasons

When you want to leave your job because of your poor health, then you have to let your employer know about it through your resignation letter. Informing the organisation about the health is not mandatory however; giving the reason in the resignation letter is good. Writing the resignation letter with the reason of health is very easy as it is a very concrete base on which your resignation letter can...

Resignation Letter to Take an Early Retirement 0

Resignation Letter to Take an Early Retirement

There are many reasons for which people take decision to resign from the job. They may want to start their own business, go to visit to some other country for financial benefits and sometimes they want to leave the job just because they are not happy from it. No matter what the reason is, it should be written in positive tone. It is not good to give negative impression on...