Financial Correspondence Letters

Whether money is a vice or virtue, whether we love money or hate it, whether money is evil or want of money is an evil, one fact is clear that in this money-mad world nobody can do without money. Willy-nilly we are drawn into the financial correspondence of some sort or the other.

Following are given samples of financial correspondence in daily life. Hope the sample writing will help you in your business financial correspondence.

Asking for payment of bill

We sent you last week our bill for groceries supplies to you in the month of January.

Kindly take the trouble to expedite it at an early date.

Reply to above

Thanks for your letter dated [DATE] I regret my inability to settle your bill this month due to unavoidable circumstances. However, I shall settle both the bills in March.

Hoping that you would not mind it.

Reminder for payment of bill

A statement of our account was forwarded to you on the 7th of this month and today it is 18th.

As we have not received your remittance, it has ordure to us that possible our letter has gone astray.

Would you kindly let us know if this is the case, so that we may if necessary, send a copy?

Reply to above

Rest assured I am keeping your bill safely on my table. I am just waiting for some of my payments to get through to clear all the bills lying on my tray. I wish these were bread to be eaten. As they are eating me. I would like to clear them at the earliest.

Pressurizing payment

We very much regret the necessity of once again drawing your kind attention to our bills, payment against which is now long overdue. We have all along been under the illusion that these have missed your favorable attention altogether.

We shall be grateful if you can see your way to remit payment by return of post.

Reply to above

I highly resent the tone of your letter. I am remitting the payment of your bill in full and final settlement.

Please close the account.

Reply to above reply

We are sorry to know that you have taken strong exception to our reminder for paying a long overdue bill. Indeed, no offense was intended. Your payment has reached us safely and I hope you will kindly favor us with the continuation of your account with us.

Reply to above

Thanks for your letter dated [DATE]. As I have already opened an account with another supplier I regret I cannot renew my account with you.

Maybe, it is possible to renew contacts in future.

Letter threatening proceedings

I very much regret to inform you that unless your account is fully and finally settled with us before the close of the current month, I shall be forced to entrust the file to my lawyers for necessary action.

Reply to above

Serious irregularities have been noticed in the account submitted by you unless you are kind enough to submit a proper account I am afraid I would not be able to pay off just because of your threat of legal action.

I regret I cannot submit to blackmail.

Requesting repayment of loan

I hope you remember that I lent you $1,000/-, one month back at a great personal inconvenience. I think repayment of the loan is more than overdue.

Kindly reply at an early date.

Reply to above

Thanks for your help in distress. Please find herewith a cheque of $1,000/-.

Believe me, I have a great regard for the inconvenience you underwent in advancing me the loan.

Thank you once again.

Requesting return of money

Once it happens that I need that money I lend you a couple of months back.

Would you, therefore, pay me back the same without delay?

Reply to above

I regret I cannot return your money now. You will, however, get it back tonight at your home.

Notice for repayment of a loan

It pains me to note that you are trying to evade payment of $1,000/- you borrowed from me last year on your daughter’s marriage.

As you have not troubled even to reply to my reminders, it appears that you want me to adopt means which may not be to your liking.

May I have your permission to place my case in the hands of my lawyers?

I give you a month to make up your mind.

Reply to above

I do not remember having received any money from you on my daughter’s marriage. If at all I take you at your work your spent something on the occasion, it may have been so out of your sense of social duty more than a case of lending me.

Hence, I owe you no money.

Another reply

I do not deny having received $1,000/- from you on my daughter’s marriage but I still need some time to clear off your debt.

Hope you would give some more time.

Requesting early settlement of annual accounts

We shall feel greatly obliged if you please send us your cheque for the balance of payments outstanding from the last year.

As our balance sheets are drawn during the first week of January every year, delay in receiving payment from you would prevent us from closing our account books.

A duplicate invoice is enclosed for early action.

Reply to above

Please find herewith a cheque for $12,500/- in full and final payment of your last year’s account.

Inconvenience to you is regretted.

Another reply

Some errors were detected by your accountant who called for payment last week and so he took away the bill for readjustment which seems to have been again neglected in the duplicate invoice sent by you.

Send a proper invoice for setting the account.

Notice of settlement

It is now February 2018 and the account for goods supplied to you during February 2017 is still outstanding.

We have already written to you several times regarding the matter and have furnished invoices in duplicate.

In the circumstances, we regret to inform you that unless we receive the payment within a week, we may be compelled to instruct our lawyers to institute legal proceedings against you.

Reply to above

Goods supplied by you to us in January/February 2017 were found defective. As they were below specifications and hence not fit for being supplied to our customers, so these were returned to you in March or April. Because of this, no payment is due from us to you.

Another reply

Kindly send your man to settle the account in person to avoid further delay.

We will issue the cheque after settlement.

Letter to a creditor

I acknowledge the receipt of your legal notice about our outstanding account. I am sorry to say that your threat of legal proceedings in case of my failure to settle the payment at the earliest was not at all necessary.

I desire a settlement perhaps more anxiously than you do, but you must realize that now I lack the capacity to pay. In a few weeks, I am confident, I shall be able to meet my financial obligations toward you.

I am prepared to accept a bill at three months if you care to draw one.

I sincerely regret the delay which has occurred, but trust our relations will nevertheless remain cordial.

Thanking you for your co-operation.

Reply to above

I regret having troubled you but it was due to me on financial difficulties

I am drawing a bill on you for three months.

Letter from a debtor

I was not a little surprised to receive your letter threatening legal proceedings in case of non-payment of your bill by me in full within six days.

I very much regret that you should have thought of going to court, knowing that during my commercial dealings with for the last two years. I have always paid your bills with promptitude.

I just request you to exercise a little restraint and not rush in where devils even fear to treat. Proceedings win the position.

Thanking you for past courtesy.

Reply to above

Thanks for your right advice, I am willing to exercise restraint and I hope you will send your cheque before my patience once again runs out, because then it will know no limits.

Thanking you.

Furnishing an account

As I am going out of Chicago to New York for a couple of months, please send your bill up to date so that it may be paid before my departure and you are not inconvenienced in my absence on account thereof.

Reply to above

The bill as desired by you is enclosed. You may pay it now or send that payment from New York when you go there.

Thanking you.

Pointing out an error in accounts

Thanks for your statement of accounts under yesterday’s date.

Please, note that item No.5 in the statement does conform to your quotation submitted to us last month on the 6th.

Moreover, you have no credited us for the woolen socks we returned to you last month.

Upon receiving your amended bill, we will forward to you a cheque in settlement.

Reply to above

The trouble caused to you because the errors in our bill are highly regretted. Disciplinary action is being taken against the staff responsible for the lapse.

As an amended bill is enclosed here for your perusal and payment.

Over-Charge in an Invoice

I am returning herewith your invoice No. 987 for the amendment because you have charged $10/- per price of woolen muffler while your price list quotes $7/- for it.

Kindly send the amended invoice for payment.

Reply to above

Thank you for your letter dated [DATE] the same invoice is being returned to you for payment because the muffler supplied to you is of a superior quality as desired by you than the one advertised in our price list.

Estimate for repairs

One building needs some urgent repairs. Would you please send your man to examine it and give us an estimate of the cost so that work may be entrusted to you?

Reply to above

We have carefully examined the work and have the pleasure to submit our estimate of expenses for repair herewith.

We may add that the figure quoted is for the best materials and labor.

Hoping that our quotation will acceptable to you.

Re-dating a cheque

Kindly have your cheque No. 989 for $1,200/- re-dated, as the period of three months allowed for payment has been expired.

Reply to above

Your cheque, re-dated as desired by you, is enclosed.

Please acknowledge receipt.

Loss of dividend warrant

I have lost my dividend warrant No. 233 in respect of my two hundred shares held in your bank.

Kindly inform how I can obtain a duplicate dividend warrant.

Reply to above

With reference to your letter dated [DATE], we are enclosing the necessary form which should be filled in by you and sent to the vice-chairman Standard Bank for obtaining a duplicate dividend warrant.

Assuring you of our best help always.

Reference or Remittance

We thank you for your order dated June 16 and must inform you that it is receiving our best attention.

However, it is our first deal with you and we will be thankful if you kindly send us a remittance or a bank reference.

This is our normal procedure for dealing with new customers and no other meaning should be read into it.

Reply to above

With reference to your letter dated [DATE], I am enclosing a cheque for $1,250/- to enable you to dispatch the goods immediately F.O.R.


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