Letter of Approval for a Leave

There are times when we want an off time from work. It is sometimes due to an emergency, sometimes for attending an event or party and mostly to refresh ourselves by getting a holiday other than Sunday. In professional setups, taking leave is not easy but nonetheless, it is granted. However, in order to get a leave from work, a leave letter should be written. A leave letter is then followed up with an approval letter (only if it is approved) by an employer and yeah! you can now enjoy the leave.

A leave approval letter should be written with a little lighter tone so that the employee may know that the leave is granted happily. The dates for which the leave is approved should be written clearly and it is also recommended to tell the applicant why you’re granted the leave i.e he has been continuously working for many months without a leave, he has been working brilliantly etc. This letter given below can be used to write a leave approval letter.

Letter of Approval for a Leave

Dear (Recipient’s Name),

It is to notify you that your leave has been approved. You’re granted a leave of ___ days from [enter date] to [enter date]. You have been working hard and I really appreciate your responsibility towards your work so, I am happily granting you this leave.

Please submit the keys of your cupboard at my office so that in case any documents are required we could easily retrieve them.

Enjoy yourself!

Stephan Frances
[Senders Title] -Optional-


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Letter of Approval for a LeaveLetter of Approval for a Leave

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Size: 191 KB PDF File

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