Letter to Disagree with the Proposed Change in a Project

Projects are gaining wide acceptance worldwide. The field of project management is getting a wider scope. The young generation is much interested in the specialization of project management. In spite, making a successful project is not an easy task. The important thing is cost and time efficiency. Minimum cost and time with a maximum outcome greatly adhere. Project managers need to learn skills and experience. A lot of people are included in a project to perform different roles. Everyone has to perform his roles properly. Problem-solving skill and managing conflicts need to be the strongest capability of a project manager. A project manager needs to be cooperative as he is the leader. Sometimes a project is not prepared properly and it needs some amendments. So budget allocation should be correct. Also, a project should be defined properly and project process should be designed accordingly. When certain disagreeing stages come across, the project manager needs to be very humble to cope with the issues.

Letter to Disagree with the Proposed Change in a Project


Fourcade Tech Ltd.

Anderson Taylor

35 St. Delaware Avenue, California

14th November 2016.


Mr. Lee Clark

Fourcade Tech Ltd.

Block 21B, Fifth Avenue, Carson


Dear [Recipients Name],

Hope you are doing well. I had a detailed overview of proposed change in the project. However, complications that you have mentioned in the current project are not worth considering and are adjustable through outsourcing only complicated part of the project. Moreover, the alterations in the project will neither be cost affected nor time effected that cannot be completed in stipulated time frame. Furthermore, proposed changes will alter the major spirit of the project which is not recommended. Informally, I had already discussed it with company’s manager through telephonic conversation that offered this project and his views were same as mine. Therefore, I disagree with the proposed changes in the project and its need for hour and matter of our reputation to carry on the current project without any alteration. Approval for outsourcing complicated part of the project will be accorded on next working day.

Forwarding for information and further necessary action


Anderson Taylor

Project Manager Forbade Tech Ltd.


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Letter to disagree with the proposed change in a projectLetter to Disagree with the Proposed Change in a Project

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