Letters from Accounts Payable to Third Party

  1. Requesting provision of tax-exempt certificate

We have received your invoice for wood supplies and are processing payment. Please note that under state law we are exempt from paying sales tax on this purchase since we will be reselling the materials as part of a finished product. Attached please find a copy of our tax-exempt certificate for your records.

  1. Questioning invoice from supplier

Regarding your June 21 invoice, number 6SJ8 in the amount of $14,878.24, we note a discrepancy between the bid received from your company and the purchase order we issued.

Our documents show that based on your bid we specified 2,000 pounds of Pyrithione Zinc at a price of $2,500 delivered. The invoice shows 2,200 pounds of the chemical were delivered, and a freight charge of $567 was added.

The purchase order we issued specifies that any discrepancies in quantities, quality, or additional charges must be approved in advance and that variances from the bid may result in rejection of invoices. Please provide an explanation for the discrepancy between the bid and invoice amounts.

  1. Questioning prices from supplier

We have received your invoice (#78Y6, dated March 21) for the provision of security services. The hourly labor price does not match the amount quoted in your bid for services.

I have attached copies of the bid and your invoice. Before we can make payment the amount of the invoice must be adjusted to match the bid, or we must receive an explanation for the discrepancy that is acceptable to us.

  1. Offering apology for accounting error

I am writing to apologize for our delay in crediting your payment to your account. We have rectified the error.

Attached is a current statement that shows your payment.

  1. Availability of electronic funds transfer for bill payment

Effective June 1, [Company Name] will be paying all bills electronically through our account at the Left Bank of Lumbertown.

We offer our vendors and suppliers two options

  • Electronic Fund Transfer: Funds will be transferred from our bank account to an account you specify, with payments scheduled to arrive on or before the business day nearest the due date for invoices. The EFT will include a code number keyed to the invoice or purchase order number.
  • Electronic Checks: The bank will generate and mail to your Accounts Receivable department a computer-generated check. Payments will be scheduled to arrive on or before the business day nearest the due date for invoice. Your Accounts Receivable or Accounting Department will be responsible for depositing the check in your account.

Please advise [Company Name]’s Account Payable department of your company’s preference for means of payment. If we do not receive instructions, we will make payment by electronic check.

  1. Requesting early payment discount

According to the contract we signed with your company for the provision of waste disposal services, we are entitled to a 3 percent discount for payments made within ten days of receipt of invoice.

We have been making immediate payment and deducting 3 percent from invoices for the last four months, but the most recent statement from your company shows an outstanding balance in the amount of $1,234 which includes a 10 percent late payment fee.

Please remove the outstanding balance from our statement and inform your Accounts receivable department of the elements of our contract, which include the 3 percent discount for early payment.


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