Payroll Policies and Services Letters

  1. Availability of paycheck direct deposit

Payroll services remind all employees that direct deposit of paychecks is available. To arrange for the automatic deposit of your check into any checking account, please fill out the forms that are available at our office; the forms can also be downloaded from the Payroll Services website.

  1. Notification of error on direct deposit or paycheck

Due to a clerical error, all paychecks or direct deposit statements issued today [dated June 21] include a minor error in the calculation of social security tax withholding.

In most cases, the amount deducted from the paycheck was between $3 and $10 too high. We have determined the error, and all affected employees will see a credit and the correct deduction amount on their next paycheck or statement.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

If you have any questions about this error, please contact the Payroll Services help desk at extension 5787.

  1. Announcing early deadline for timesheets because of holiday

Because of the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, all hourly employees are advised to submit their timesheets for the current work period before the end of the business day on Friday, May 25. If you are due to work over the weekend, please file your work hours for those days on the next scheduled date for timesheets.

If your timesheet is not received before the holiday, your paycheck will not be available on its regular schedules distribution date on Wednesday, May 30, and will be delayed until the following Wednesday.

Paychecks for non-hourly salaried employees are not affected by the holiday.

  1. Announcing policy on payroll advances

[Company Name] permits a reasonable number of advances against upcoming paychecks for the following needs: medical expenses, unanticipated emergency housing costs, and job-related moving costs.

We permit a payroll advance of no more than 150 percent of the total value of unused vacation and personal days plus three weeks of anticipated salary or hourly wages.

For more details on this policy and an application for a payroll advance, please contact the Payroll Services Office.

  1. Policy to request correction of error on paycheck or direct deposit

If you note an error on your paycheck or direct deposit confirmation, including the hourly or weekly rate, number of hours worked, tax withholding, insurance deductions, or the details of your name, address, or employee number, please immediately contact the Payroll Services hotline at extension 4534.

  1. Seeking bid for payroll services

The Payroll Services department of [Company Name] is seeking a bid from third-party service companies for the management, production, and audit of payroll checks.

This is part of a regular review of our contracts with outside service providers, conducted every two years. We may choose to accept a bid from a new provider or stay with our current provider.

A copy of the current specifications is available on request from the Payroll Services department, at extension 3454.

All bids are due on or before September 1; award of the contract will be made on or before December 1, with the starting date for the contract January 1.


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