Rental Contract Termination Letter

Various situations arise when landlords want their place or property to be vacated. Sometimes they are in need of money as a result of any loss they faced. Sometimes they want to shift to their place which they rented to tenants. Sometimes their siblings or children want to shift there. For all these reasons, they need to send a proper letter to tenants by telling the reason. Sometimes tenants also want to vacate the property or place for some reasons, so they also have to inform formally through the letter. Sometimes tenants doing business at some rental place find it unsuitable for their business progress and profitability. And sometimes they need area expansion, so they need to leave the place before the contract ends. For all such purposes, rental contract termination letters are written. It needs to be accurate and to the point. It should be informing the clear reason of termination. The tone needs to be formal and concerning. All the necessary dates should be mentioned. As a landlord or tenant need to terminate the contract before time, all necessary information should be provided.

Rental Contract Termination Letter


Jackson Charles

16 St. Crown Avenue, West Virginia.

3rd December 2016.


Mr. David Napoleon

36 St. Dolphin Avenue, West Virginia.


Dear [Recipients Name],

I am writing to inform you that I want the ground floor of my house to be vacated till 31st December 2017. My parents are migrating from the other state permanently. They were residents of the top floor in the other state and due to some medical issues they cannot climb stairs. For this purpose, I need you to vacate and I am going to terminate the agreement. I need you to understand my situation and its urgency. Enclosed with the letter is the contract termination with the dates mentioned. Moreover, I will return the rent back in two days. I would like to give you some contact numbers that will help you in finding a new house for rent as per your need. It would be appreciated if you will leave the house within the required time.


Jackson Charles.


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Rental Contract Termination LetterRental Contract Termination Letter

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