Accounts Payable Department Letters to Employees

  1. Clarifying policy on general expense accounts

To reduce the expense of photocopying and storage of paper documents, the Accounts Payable department would like to encourage all staffers to submit expense account forms in electronic form.

Here is our suggested method:

    • Scan all receipts as PDF files
    • Store the PDF file in an electronic folder on your computer

Fill out the online expenses report located on the Accounts Payable website, and use the “attach” command to electronically append the scanned document to your expense account.

Please retain the original paper copies of all receipts until you receive confirmation from Accounts Payable that your expense report has been accepted and payment has been made. After then you should use a paper shredder to destroy the original.

  1. Requesting receipts for travel expense report

We have received your expense account form for April and are missing several receipts for which you asked to be reimbursed. The missing items are highlighted on the attached form.

Please obtain copies of receipts for these expenditures and resubmit the form. If you cannot locate a receipt to cover the expenditure, please contact your credit card company for assistance in obtaining a duplicate.

  1. Warning letter about expense account policies

Please note that our corporate travel policy requires special approval for any per diem expenditure above $250 for hotel and meals.

On the attached request for reimbursement of travel expenses, we note four days on which you exceeded this amount. Please discuss this matter with your supervisor and obtain approval for the indicated items.

  1. Questioning element of expense report

Regarding your May expense report, please provide an explanation of the charge in the amount of $124.75 for rental of formal wear in Chicago.

Please review the employee manual for a complete listing of our rules for allowable travel expenses.

  1. Disallowing expenditure on expense report

Regarding the attached request for reimbursement of travel expenses, please note that corporate policy does not cover charges for in-room movies. We have deducted that amount from the reimbursement check that will be issued.

  1. Notification of policies regarding petty cash

We have received your request for reimbursement for petty cash expenditures for meals provided to members of your staff who were unexpectedly called upon to work overtime for a special project.

Please obtain approval, on the attached form, from your supervisor for this unscheduled expense.

  1. Announcing end-of-year expense report deadline

All employees are asked to file any outstanding expense reports by September 1 to allow processing and payment before the end of our fiscal year on September 25.

Department heads are reminded that expenses for the current fiscal year that are not reimbursed by September 15 will be deducted from next year’s budget; this may adversely affect your ability to stay within your plan.


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