Apology Letter for Cancelling a Date or Appointment

Politely explain the reasons for canceling the date or appointment. Explain the reasons for canceling the plan and try to be honest when stating any reasons. Make up for canceling the appointment by proposing to reschedule the date to some other day.

Try to show your concern and make the person feel valued by wanting to know their feelings. The apology should never be about you, your feelings or your intentions. It should always be focused to make the other person feel better. The person being hurt is not at all interested to know about your feelings or your reasons for your actions. He/she would be more interested to know how you plan to remedy the situation.

Apology Letter for Cancelling a Date or Appointment


[Your Name]



Dear [Recipient Name],

I had marked my calendar to make sure that I meet you on [date]. I know you were very excited about this meeting and had been planning since two weeks. I was equally anxious to see you.

I had been occupied with work lately due to which my social life has almost died. One day before our meeting, I had to travel out of the city for a very important conference. I did try to schedule it for some other day but it wasn’t possible as I had to meet this delegation from China and it was very important for our company and for me as well. My manager would have been very upset if I wasn’t able to attend this meeting.

You have always very understood towards my work routine and supported me for everything I do. I am sure you would have felt bad but I know you understand my reasons. I am glad to tell you that I am not very busy these days and we can schedule to meet soon over a cup of coffee or even dinner at your favorite place.

Please accept my sincere apology. I will be waiting to hear from you soon. Also, let me know when you are available so that, this time I can do the honor to plan an outing with you.


[Senders Name]


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Apology Letter for Cancelling a Date or AppointmentApology Letter for Cancelling a Date or Appointment

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