Apology Letter for School Discipline Violation

Breaking or violating rules calls for an apology. Especially when we violate the rules set by our school. The school is the time when we learn to become disciplined and it goes on with us for the rest of our whole life. In the case of violation, an apology should be sent to the teacher.

Politely explain the situation that accounts to the violation of the rules. Recognize the fact that you know such rules exist and breaching them is a violation. Accept your mistake and take responsibility for your actions.

Apologize with a promise that such behavior will not prevail in the future and that you will take measures to improve your conduct during school times.


Dear [Recipient Name],

I know I am a very naughty student and having all my friends around me gives me more ideas of doing something funny in the classroom. You have been a very dedicated teacher and have always put a lot of efforts to make us do well in the subjects you teach. I do not want my teachers to feel that their efforts are being wasted just because students like me are non-serious during the class timings.

I have realized that I have been violating the school principles. The other day I was passing around a note in the class. I had swimming lectures in the evening in which my friend accompanies me. I wanted to inquire him about the swimming final championship. I was not able to hold on to my excitement and so I rotated a note for him during the class.

I am very sorry for this act. I accept my mistake as I broke the rules of the class. I was being careless about the lessons and not just that, I also distracted the whole class. The note only contained some inquiries regarding my swimming lessons. You can be sure that nothing else was written on it.

I promise to improve my behavior and follow the school rules well. I hope you will forgive me and give me another chance to become a better student.


[Your Name]


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Apology Letter for School Discipline ViolationApology Letter for School Discipline Violation

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