Certificates and Testimonials

A testimonial is a certificate about character, qualification etc. of a person, generally given to him by his employer or head of the institution where s/he has worked or studied.

Testimonials from employers are mainly of two types, namely

  1. Open testimonials
  2. Testimonials addressed to particular persons or firms.

Open Testimonial: an open testimonial started with the heading: “To Whom It May Concern” and is not addressed to any particular person or firm. Such a type of testimonial is generally not regarded very valuable nowadays as the employers feel that even if the giver of such a certificate was not in any way satisfied with the applicant, he would not generally say so in an open testimonial.

Many a time such testimonials are misused and the practice of issuing such certificates is now on the decline.

Testimonial Addressed to a Particular Person or Firm: Such a testimonial is generally issued

  1. When the employer is closing his business
  2. When the employer is retrenching the staff
  3. When the employee wants to apply in some other concern for bettering his prospects and the employer is in favor of the same.

In all such cases, the testimonials speak very well about the person to whom or about whom they are granted.

Testimonials from employers generally contain information regarding: –

  1. Nature of post held and the job done by the employee
  2. Duration of his service
  3. Prominent about his educational qualifications
  4. Character and a brief account of special abilities of the employee

Practical forms of some of the testimonials are given below:

Testimonial from the Head of an Institution


This is to certify that Mr. Smith had been my student from 2008 to 2012. He passed his [DEGREE] from this college in 2012 and was placed in the first class. He offered Economics as his special paper and secured 89% marks.

Mr. Smith was captain of the Baseball team of our college and won three trophies in Inter-College-Tournaments. He also took an active part in College debates.

I am confident about his good moral and character and wish him all success in life.


Mr. John was my student in [DEGREE] during 2007-2011. He highly impressed me and other lecturers of this College by his intelligence, sociability and scholastic trend of mind.

He always took a keen interest in his subject. He was actively participating in different Seminars and talks on his subject.

Mr. John passed his examination in 2011 with high first class. He was offered the post of Lecturer in [SUBJECT] in this College which he did not accept on account of his leaving Chicago for some private affairs.

I am confident of his painstaking nature and sincere interest in [SUBJECT]. I wish him all success in life.


Certified that Mr. Emanuel is known to me. He belongs to a respectable family. His father is the President of the local Welfare Society. He has passed the [CERTIFICATE] examination of the [BOARD] as a regular candidate this year.

He bears an excellent moral character.


This is to certify that Mr. Josef was a bona fide student of this school from [YEAR] to [YEAR] and passed the higher secondary examination with commercial subjects getting distinction in Bookkeeping and English. He passed the examination in 2013 and was placed in First Division.

Mr. Josef was regular in attendance and diligent in his studies. He was liked by his teachers as well as class-mates because of his pleasing manners.

Mr. Josef always took an active part in sports and dramatic activities of the school and was General Secretary of the school union from 2011 to 2012.

He bears an excellent moral character. I wish him a successful career.


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