Character Reference Letter for a Person Seeking to Adopt a Child

A personality of a person mainly depends on his character. Character summarizes good qualities of a person. It influences his nature and habits. By this way, other people are able to judge him. And character is the foremost requirement in every walk of life. If someone’s character is not good, he has to suffer a lot regarding his personal and professional life. Our good brought up and family background also affects our character. The environment which our parents give us at home strongly affects our character and personality. Parents need to set an example for their children to make them strong and competent in every walk of life. After our parents, our educational career also affects our character as we need to select the right company or group of friends. When migrating from one school to another, one always needs a character certificate. Our tendency to win every heart describes our character. By some way or the other, our whole life revolves around our character.

Character Reference Letter for a Person Seeking to Adopt a Child


DHM Industries

Peter Patrick.

9 St. Crew Avenue, Las Vegas.

27th November 2016.



To Whom It May Concern


Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are doing great. Today I am writing to give you a reference about Mr. William Fredrick. He wants to adopt a child as he is married for eight years but they don’t have children. He has great affection for children. He and his wife are emotionally much disturbed. He is my business partner since fifteen years other than this, I have family terms with him and I know his whole family. He is a man of character. He is very kind-hearted, liberal, truthful and genuine person. In my whole life, I have never seen him having even a little quarrel. He is very loving and giving. I can assure you the better future of the adopted child by him. He will fulfill all formalities accordingly. I would be very grateful to you for considering him to adopt a child.


Peter Patrick.

Managing Director, DHM Industries


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Character Reference Letter for a person seeking to adopt a childCharacter Reference Letter for a Person Seeking to Adopt a Child

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