Company Policy & Statement Letters

The companies follow policies and statements for their operations. The communication between a company and its employees is made through written documents which are usually termed as official letters. We have found that following letters are most commonly needed by most of the companies around the globe. So, we have written down these policy and statement letters so that you can get benefit from it.

  1. Availability of legal consultation to managers

The [Company Name] has added a twenty-four-hour hotline available to all managers and supervisors, for consultation on any matter related to the operations of [Company Name].

It is the policy of the company that we address any actual or potential legal question of the issue immediately. If you have any questions about the propriety of any action, any employment issue, or any other element of our business you are instructed to consult the Legal Office without delay.

The Legal Office hotline is at extension 3243. After regular business hours, the phone will automatically roll over to an in-house or outside counsel on call.

  1. Policy on claims of discrimination

[Company Name] is committed to eliminating discrimination of any sort including improper actions based on a person’s race, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or other protected status or class-in hiring and promotion.

If you believe you have been improperly treated in a hiring or promotion action, please contact the Legal Office hotline at extension 4354.

  1. Policy on retention of records

As part of the company’s commitment to full compliance with federal and state laws regarding financial disclosure, prevention of discrimination in hiring, promotion, or supervision, and prevention of sexual harassment, all employees and supervisors are advised that they should immediately notify the Legal Office hotline, at extension 3454, of any actual or potential problem in these areas.

In addition, do not destroy any documents or other evidence, including electronic files and emails. Anything you do to remove evidence has the appearance of covering up guilt.

  1. Policy on backup of electronic files

Electronic files related to employment are not to be deleted until at least eighteen months after first created; this allows for automatic monthly backups and an annual archive of all files that will preserve information.

We do this as part of our commitment to eliminating discrimination or harassment in the hiring or supervision of any employee.

The Information Technology department automatically makes backups of all new files as they are created, and these backups are archived to offsite storage including tape, DVD, and cartridges once a week. In addition, a complete archive of all activity is recorded to an off-site storage medium once a month.


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