Complaint Letter for an Unfair Dismissal from a Job Post

Discipline plays a key role to sustain and improve the environment in any organization. Regulations and rules define the rights and limits of everyone whether he is an educational institution, a military man or any ordinary employee in a company. If someone is not following these rules, then concerning authorities take disciplinary action against such people and bound them to follow the discipline. But if the individual thinks that he has been unfairly trialed then he can appeal to the convening authority. For example, in the case of employees, every country has almost similar labor relation act under the department of labor. These acts allow the employees to have a personal grievance claim against their bosses. In which, they can explain their position and unfair behavior of the head of the department or head of the company.

Complaint Letter for an Unfair Dismissal from a Job Post

Town Residency
Edwin Wordsworth
Block 10C, Tenth Wall Avenue, Nevada.

July 29th, 2017

Mr. Erick Clinton
Clarks High Court
34 St, Skylarks Avenue, Nevada.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are doing well and enjoying your health. I am writing an unfair dismissal complaint letter against CEO of Keith & Sons Company. I have served five years in the subjected company as a sales manager. I had been getting good annual evaluation reports throughout my career and always did my best for the good benefit of the company. I have signed the contract of eight years as per the terms and conditions mentioned in employment act 2009 of the company. In this law, it is clearly mentioned that any employee cannot be dismissed without three warnings after the assessment of one month each. Furthermore, the time slot of minimum three months would be given to the employee prior dismissal to explain his position or to find out an alternate job in the due course of time and the employee would be getting full allowances during this time. Nevertheless, I have not issued a single warning nor I was given three-month time to explain my position or to find out an alternate job. Moreover, I am not agreed with the charges imposed on me. Therefore, I am requesting you to provide me justice in this regard.


Edwin Wordsworth.


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Complaint Letter for an Unfair Dismissal from a Job PostComplaint Letter for an Unfair Dismissal from a Job Post

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