Complaint Letter for Inaccurate Bill

The first and foremost responsibility of all companies and organizations is to build customer’s trust. It can be achieved by prompt resolution of all the issues of customers. A proper teamwork with efficiency gives positive results. Consumers can ease themselves with any good service by paying money. Eventually, everything is directly or indirectly revolving around money. Often it happens that an individual faces the issue of the inaccurate bill. This bill can be any utility bill sent the inaccurate or on the goods being purchased. As soon as we realize, we can promptly claim about wrong billing through a formal letter. Such letter must contain the receipt of the inaccurate bill. The other necessary details regarding inaccuracy must be provided. The tone should be firm but not rude. The details about incorrect charges made and guidance on correct charges should be given. The prompt resolution must be requested.

Complaint Letter for Inaccurate Bill


Town State Apartments
Charlie De Hayden
Block 24B, Big Bird Avenue, New York.

25th June 2017

Mr. Tyler M. Brandon
Operations Manager
New York Telecommunication
18 Renton St. Tenth Christopher Avenue, New York.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am writing to complain about the inaccurate telephone bill I received. I had received the inaccurate bill for two consecutive months; the months of May and June 2017. I had already complaint previous month but no response. My subscribed package is worth $79 per month. My package is the Genre X package in which I have 1000 off net and 500 on net minutes. Along with it, I have 20GB internet per month. Last month I received the bill of $120 and this month’s bill was $150. It is a much heavier amount. And I am surprised at receiving for two consecutive months. Additionally, it is much disappointing that my last month complaint was not resolved. I have enclosed the copies of both bills and a copy of the receipt of my subscribed package. I need a prompt resolution this month. Please correct the billing error and send me the correct bill.

I am waiting for a correction and kind response.

Yours faithfully,

Charlie De Hayden.


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Complaint Letter for Inaccurate BillComplaint Letter for Inaccurate Bill

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