Complaint Letter for Rude Behaviour of an Employee

In today’s world, competition is in every walk of life. It is equally getting importance in lifestyle as well as in professional life. When it comes to professional life it enhances your technical and managerial skills. It also educates about the situation handling and develops the patience in a professional manner. In other words, this is a competition only, which is keeping you energetic to excel in life while performing the duty. It keeps the morale high of the employee and it fuels the passion. When a person becomes a sound in his profession then his attitude shows his passion for working. Therefore, a positive behavior decides the future of the person and keeps the person passionate about his job. Annual efficiency report in the most of the companies consists of eighty percent attitude and just twenty percent about professional knowledge. In this view, this is the competition of attitude only to get a better report than other colleagues. If the service from an employee is not satisfactory then the complaint is launched against that employee to reform him.

Complaint Letter for Rude Behaviour of an Employee


Michael Walker

21 South St. King Avenue, California

6th May 2017


Mr. Steven Robinson

Owner, Cloud Nine Restaurant.

57 East St. Arcade Avenue, California.


Dear [Recipients Name],

Hope you are fine. I have a complaint about the waiter named Mr. Johnson at your restaurant. I frequently visit this restaurant with my family and friends but whenever Mr. Johnson is at serving, it seems that we have committed a great mistake to order him food. He remains rude all the time so he did the same last night. My family ordered him a food and asked about the time to serve but his answer was very impolite that I cannot mention his words even. At the end, he also passed bad remarks on a tip. If the situation remains the same, then I along with my colleagues will never visit your restaurant despite its tasty food. This is necessary to take a notice of this issue to keep the reputation of your restaurant high.

I hope you would solve the matter.


Michael Walker


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Complaint Letter for Rude Behavior of an EmployeeComplaint Letter for Rude Behaviour of an Employee

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