Complaint Letter for Security System

Security is basically the freedom from danger or any other fear. It is needed at all levels whether individual, cultural, global and regional. All things have positive and negative aspects always. With the development of technology, the misuse is also seen proportionally. Misuses lead to crimes and injustice. All these things result in an insecure environment. In an insecure environment, everyone is always worried and stressful that anything can happen anywhere. It is the right of all citizens to get proper security. And providing proper security is the first and foremost duty of governing authorities. The governing bodies duty is to make a proper system for the security system at all levels. Failure to provide security leads to big disasters and injustice. People lose trust on the governing bodies. Eventually, their stress leads them to do crimes. When the said security system is not being provided, the concerning individuals should make complain to the authorities. And in return authorities should assure to provide proper safety and security in future.

Complaint Letter for Security System


Top Line Residency
John Wheelock
Block 24A, Castle Avenue, New Jersey

July 20th, 2017

Mr. Mark Thatcher
Express Commercial Mall and Supermarket.
16 Fleet Street, Rail Road Avenue, New Jersey.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am John Wheelock, a retired Security Manager. I am writing to make a serious complaint about your security system. It is much regretful at this level to make you realize of this important factor. You own a very big shopping mall with supermarket. Almost eighty percent of the community is only your customers. Last month, the snatching on gun point was seen two times. A month has passed and your CCTV cameras are still non-operational. In addition, the parking area’s reconstruction is not done yet. No guards are seen on the exit door since a month. The fire-extinguishers are also out of order. This is such an alarming situation. Your carelessness is putting the life of thousands of people at stake. I request you to take necessary measures as soon as possible. Otherwise, I would complain the Mayor.

I am expecting a timely response.


John Wheelock.
Top Line Residency.


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