Complaint Letter to a Doctor

People adopt different professions as per their interests. Like some want to be an engineer, businessman, stylist, professor, pilot, doctor, and teacher etc. But being a doctor is a more challenging job. Many lives are associated with this profession and many lives depend on this profession. Therefore, there is no chance of negligence in this line of work. Your little mistake or misjudgment can put a risk to the life of someone. There is no alternate of hard work but this field practically teaches you the meaning of the previously mentioned sentence.

Doctors most of the time perform their duty in an emergency without bounding the time because there is no time for an emergency to arise. It is 24 hours duty in true spirit. One the other hand, if the doctor is not professional enough or he shows some negligence then he definitely watches the outcome at the spot. There is one more thing common in this line of work that if a doctor is professional but his staff is not cooperating with the patience even then blame comes on him. The best way is to inform the doctor about his diagnosis or adverse reactions of medicine or ill behavior of his staff on the spot.

Complaint Letter to a Doctor


Adams Gonzalez

Block 34B, Pearl Avenue, New Jersey.

10th May 2017


Dr. Phillips Carter

National Health Hospital

12 St. Silver Crest Avenue, New Jersey.


Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are performing well in your profession. But I have a complaint about you. My son was admitted to your hospital for three days and completed the antibiotic course. While test reports show few more symptoms which were neither catered during the time of admission nor it was on prescription. This is the reason; I must take my son to the other hospital and took alternate advice from child specialist and my son is perfectly fine now. But this shows negligence on your part and you did not prescribe as per test reports rather than giving an ordinary medicine for fever. I will forward this complaint to the senior medical officer as well to avoid such negligence in future.


Adams Gonzalez


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