Complaint Letter to Internet Service Provider

There are many companies who provide different services to their customers. They announce different packages for their customers to attract them. This is because of competition in the market and to flourish their business. They attract customers through charming advertisements in which they compelled the viewers to buy their product. But we usually ignore terms and conditions written on their brochure. Due to lack of knowledge, we end up numerous problems. Mostly, this case is with cellular companies and internet provider companies that announce different internet and call packages on daily basis. For example, free balance, free internet megabytes and free calls are promised in advertisements but when the fact reveals, it is the game of words. Like free balance or free megabytes are for one day only and free calls on the same network. Similarly, landline internet providers assure for uninterrupted supply of internet but whenever there is any interruption then it’s a long process to trace the line to solve the problem. However, the best thing to solve the problem is to write an email or a complaint letter to the service provider and mention the exact problem to solve it on urgent basis.

Complaint Letter to Internet Service Provider

Arcade Apartments.
Williams Alberto.
Block 12D, Dove Avenue, Washington DC.

July 14th, 2017

Mr. David Mason.
Digital Internet Access Provider.
21 St. Castle Avenue, Washington DC.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am using the landline internet service of your company since two years. My office work is mostly web based that requires uninterrupted internet. That is why; I bring my office work to home to complete it in my own time. Secondly, I have two school going children and it is needless to mention that they also require the internet for their academic work. But I am upset to inform that landline service of the internet remains interrupted most of the time and problem is solved after several complaints. This not only hampers my office work but also disturb the academic routine of my kids. If the problem persists for a long time, then I will not be able to continue this internet service. Kindly, solve the issue on urgent basis.


Williams Alberto.


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Complaint Letter to Internet Service ProviderComplaint Letter to Internet Service Provider

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