Complaint Letter to Police

The police department is to help citizens, to secure them and to maintain law and order in responsibility. Previously, the security was considered only to maintain law and order situation and to avoid any robbery in the town. But prevailing security situation is different and challenging from the previous meanings of the security. Now, the responsibilities of the police department have been increased due to terrorist activities and no country in the world is secure from this tumor. This is also said that “SEC_RITY is not completed without U”. It means that now security is not the responsibility of the police but the cooperation, help, and information from citizens are of equal value. Police alone cannot do anything until the time people are not with them and fight the war against terrorism combine. Nevertheless, the information regarding general crimes or any misdeed of someone is also the moral responsibility of the common citizens to report it to police. This is necessary to write a complaint letter to police for any inconvenience caused by others and pass information to police regarding any suspicious activity.

Complaint Letter to Police

Standard Park Apartments.
Joseph Andrew.
Block 13C, Blossom Avenue, Florida.

June 27th, 2017

Mr. Evan Brandon.
Assistant Commissioner.
Commissioner Head Office.
15 St. Pearl Avenue, Florida.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are doing well. I am a resident of standard park apartment and performing the duties in Medical care center as a Staff Surgeon. I have installed CCTV cameras on the outer gate of my apartment and I am observing some suspicious activity to my adjacent apartment. There are some people who are bringing luggage in a truck and offloading the boxes daily from 12 am to 2 am. I have confirmed about the new arrival from the landlord but could not get a satisfactory answer. Therefore, I am writing a letter to you about this activity which is not only suspicious but also disturbing due to the noise of truck at midnight. I am sending you the recorded videos of the said activity. I hope you will take notice of this on urgent basis.


Joseph Andrew.


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