Disagreement Letter about a New School Requirement

Sometimes, the school administration has some unjustifiable requirements towards the students that are always opposed by the parents. In such kind of situations, disagreement letters are written by the parents to show their disregard for the unjust requirement. The letter must be written in a convincing way with a respectable tone since you’re dealing with the teachers and it must always be respected. The letter body is given below.

Disagreement Letter about a New School Requirement


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Dear [recipient’s name],

A day before, I heard from my kids that your school administration is making them attend a seminar that they cost 120$ each. I am totally in disagreement with this call, firstly it’s too sudden and there wasn’t any notification sent to the parents regarding this seminar. Moreover, this is costing way too much for just a couple of hour seminar and it’s not possible for some parents to arrange this much for a ticket to the seminar that soon.

The situation is totally unjustifiable and even the students are unknown of the whole concept behind this. I totally disagree with this requirement and I refuse to allow my children to take part in this. From now on, it will be much appreciated if such type of seminars is notified to us beforehand. I know that other parents also hold the same opinion as me, and this letter also conveys their message to you. I hope that you will address the issue without any further delay.
Thank you very much.

Yours Sincerely,

[Your Name]


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Disagreement letter about new school requirementDisagreement Letter about a New School Requirement

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