Disagreement Letter Concerning the Dismissal of a Coach

This letter is written in order to show your disagreement concerning the dismissal of a coach by explaining your reason. The letter will start by mentioning the current situation of why the coach was fired and then you put forward your point in a decent way. The letter must also provide necessary proof to support your point of view. Given letter can be used in this respect.

Disagreement Letter Concerning the Dismissal of a Coach

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Dear [recipient’s name],

A couple of days ago I heard the news that the coach of our children’s football team was fired. The news shocked me when I came to know the reason behind this event and according to that, apparently, some parents on the parent-teacher meeting complained about his coaching techniques that resulted in firing him. However, when I talked to the parent’s community, I came to know that none of the parents had any issues with coach Davis Marlin. I wonder why is the reason miscommunicated and what is the actual truth behind this.

Mr. Davis is an excellent coach and a good health teacher.  We would like to have him back on his post because all of the parents trust him with their children. On behalf of parent’s community of St. Paul High School, I demand a thorough explanation on this matter and I would like to meet you at your earliest convenience.
Thank you very much.


[Your Name]

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Disagreement Letter Concerning the Dismissal of a CoachDisagreement Letter Concerning the Dismissal of a Coach

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