Follow Up Letter Showing Interest in a Property

A follow-up letter can have various functions like a thank you note after a job interview, follow up to initial letter when applying for jobs in different companies. The tone should be polite, kind and concerning. Such letters leave a good impression. Some point like person’s information, skills and other details which are forgotten initially. For showing interest in any kind of property, a follow-up letter can be written.

A lot of proprietors give advertisements for selling their property. The buyers are concerned with the verification of the property whether it is legal or not. As, nowadays, a lot of cases of fraud come across. In addition, the buyers need the most suitable location. Property consultants prove much helpful in such cases. They are aware of all kind of property sellers as well as their legality. But, still, selling and buying of property is not an easy task. It is followed by a lot of risks. But one can have the best if all verifications are done timely.

Follow Up Letter Showing Interest in a Property


Bell-Wick Corporation

Willits Taylor

13 St. Castle Avenue, New Jersey.

5th July 2017


Mr. Tom Wheelock

Borg Proprietors

34 St, Sea View Avenue, New Jersey.


Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope my letter finds you in the best of your health and spirit. I am writing to inform you that our company is interested in buying the corner apartment for which you advertised. Our company is opening another branch in this area. For this purpose, we find this location most suitable. And, we feel it progressive for our growing business. I have made my CEO aware of the additional suggestions you gave. My colleague is your neighbor and he certified you in front of our CEO as a very honest person. And all your contracts are always flawless regarding any scam. We want to sign the contract as soon as possible. Please let me know your availability. We want to arrange a meeting with you. I hope you will cooperate with us. Please feel free for any further queries.

Looking forward to your response.


Willits Taylor

Manager, Bell Wick Corporation.


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Follow Up Letter Showing Interest in a PropertyFollow Up Letter Showing Interest in a Property

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