How to Write Letter to Government Official with an Example Letter

Letters to Govt. officials/mayors include letters to:

  • Police officials
  • Civil administrator
  • Political representatives
  • Head of the departments of public utilities


  1. Writing letters including requests.
  2. Writing letters including complaints.

INSTRUCTIONS on how to write such letters:

  1. No punctuation marks after the name of area etc.
  2. No punctuation marks anywhere.
  3. Subject has been mentioned.
  4. Begin directly and confidently. Begin with the simple statement of your need of desire.
  5. The second paragraph or middle or body of the letter conveys the details your reader would need to know to answer your request. Include the why and how. If you want to prove extra details do so by highlighting each point or request in a new paragraph points. Information in detailed paragraph gets lost.
  6. Ensure action: you have stated your basic request and explained it completely. Now ensure that the reader will do as you have requested by motivating them.

Here is a model letter which is labeled as well.

Complaint Letter Against the Problems Related to Public Transport in Your Area

A-9 South Juliet Nihau
New Jersey

20th November 2017

The Superintendent of Police
City Circle
New Jersey

Dear Sir,

Through this letter, I would like to draw your attention to a problem of our city which is a major source of inconvenience to the public. I am a resident of inner-city, New Jersey, while my office is located at distance of kilometers on the Mall. I should see the circular road twice daily to commute to and fro my office. It takes me approximately 60 minutes to cover this distance because the road remains choked with ill-organized traffic.

While the road may not be very wide, I earnestly believe that this problem can be resolved by proper traffic management. Removal of encroachments by the hawkers and vendors on both sides of the road can help in minimizing the problem. Similarly, proper parking by public transport vehicles as well as by private cars and motorcycle can contribute to the better flow of traffic.

Sir, as a resident of the [………] city who should undergo the mental torture of driving on this busy road, I beseech you to take personal cognizance of this acute situation and resolve this chronic problem.

Yours faithfully,

John Hudson


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Complaint Letter Against the Problems Related to Public Transport in Your Area

Complaint Letter Against the Problems Related to Public Transport in Your Area

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1. Request to meet government agency

Representatives of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will be in our offices on Monday, September 12 to audit our procedures and compliance with federal regulations.

The Legal Office asks that you attend a meeting with the OSHA inspectors on September 12 at 2 p.m. to answer any questions they may ask. Please call James earl in the Legal Office at extension 3454 to set up an appointment to discuss the procedure for the meeting and to identify any documents or files you may be asked to produce.

2. Notification of scheduled deposition

As you are aware, you are scheduled to answer questions from opposing counsel on August 2 in a deposition regarding a product liability case.

We ask that you meet with James earl in the Legal Office on May 29 at 9 a.m. to review the process involved in giving a deposition and to review the facts of the case. Mr. Earl will be present with you during the deposition and will be able to raise objections and otherwise represent the company’s interests in this matter.

It is important that you do not discuss the facts of this case or any opinions you have about the matter that in contention with any other employee or with an outsider. Please refer any questions about the case to Mr. Earl, at extension 3456.


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