HR Department Letters to Staff

Internal announcement of new executive

I am pleased to announce that David Ramirez will be joining [Company Name] as vice president for investor relations, effective October 1.

We are very excited to welcome David to the [Company Name] team. He has worked most recently as a senior assistant to the chairman of the board of a major Chicago plumbing fixture manufacturer and has a total of sixteen years of experience in shareholder relations and similar posts.

David will be moving to Lumberton with his wife Joanne and their two children, fourteen-year-old Robert and sixteen-year-old Sarah.

Announcement of informal meet & greet for new executive

All staffers are invited to an informal reception to welcome David Ramirez, our new vice president for investor relations. The get-together is scheduled for 5 p.m. on August 3, in Conference room A.

Internal announcement of promotion

We are pleased to announce that Adney Adolf has been promoted to the senior financial analyst in the Accounts receivable department. Adney has been a valued employee of [Company Name] for seven years.

It is our policy to promote from within whenever possible. We encourage all employees to consult the list of available positions posted on the Human Resources website and to take advantage of available training and certification programs supported by the company.

Internal announcement of retirement

Eddie Brizzard will be retiring on August 1 after nineteen years of service to the company.

Eddie has been the smiling face at the mailroom receiving the platform for all his years here at the [Company Name]. He has been a shining example of commitment to his job and a ray of sunshine to all who have met him and worked with him.

Please join me in wishing him well in retirement.

Notification to staff of new hire

Please join me in welcoming Sandra yearling, our new assistant to the director of public relations who begins work today.

Ms. Yearling comes to the company with a very impressive background in communications. Her primary assignment will be dealing with electronic media, including local television and radio stations and she will be assisting us in expanding our presence on the internet.

Offering training in hiring and promotion

Human resources will be conducting refresher courses on the company’s equal opportunity employment policy in the month of June.

[Company Name] provides equal opportunity and respect in all phases of employment and maintaining diversity in the workplace.

All managers involved in the hiring process are required to attend one of the sessions.

Please select the session that is most convenient for your schedule and returns this form to Human Resources no later than May 15. You will receive email reminders of your session one week before the scheduled time and again on the day of the meeting.

Sample letter of recommendation

To Whom It May Concern

As vice president for sales at [Company Name], I worked with and supervised Harold Jones for more than eight years. I have found him to be a highly motivated and effective salesman and an excellent representative of the company.

Our clients have consistently complimented us on his work on their behalf. He has also been a very valuable member of committees within the company that has focused on improving coordination between manufacturing, sales, and marketing departments.

In keeping with company policy, the above opinions are based entirely on my personal observations and experience as a manager.

Introduction to employee retention bonus program

Human Resources is pleased to introduce a retention bonus program for certain nonexempt positions with the company. Your present job qualifies you for this program.

Our goal is to reward the loyalty of members of staff with special skills and experience.

After completion of two years of service, eligible staffers will receive a bonus of 5 percent of base annual salary. One each successive anniversary of employment, eligible staffers will receive a bonus 1 percent higher than the year before.

Flextime offered to reduce traffic problems

As part of our efforts to reduce traffic on area roadways, [Company name] is offering flex-time working hours to eligible employees.

Under the plan, staffers could begin work sixty or ninety minutes before or after ordinary business hours, adjusting their scheduled departure time accordingly.

All requests for flextime must be submitted to departmental supervisors and will be approved if they do not conflict with the staffing needs of the company. In addition, flextime schedules will be reviewed every four months to assure that they do not adversely affect company goals.

Ban on personal music devices

Employees may not use personal music devices of any sort in the workplace. We consider the use of these devices to be a safety hazard because they do not allow our staff to be aware of other activities and are also a bar to communicate with others.

Supervisors are asked to warn any employee using a music player. Second and later violations should be reported to Human Resources for possible disciplinary action.


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