I Love You Letter from Father to his Daughter

Action speaks louder than words but sometimes words need to fill the empty place or enhance the importance of actions. Words have its own importance and actions have its own importance but both cannot be neglected. At some occasions like wedding, condolences, motivating someone or expressing your love for someone very dear to you etc. words play their role. All people related to you, already know that how much you love them, you are happy or sad on all events related to them but expressing your feelings in term of words on particular occasion improve your regards for someone. This is the reason that on the occasion of birthdays, anniversaries, death and Christmas we send some cards or letters along with gifts to realize someone your love or sorrow in words. By communicating your feelings in writing not only shine the moment but it is also reminded afterward whenever someone has a look on them. Therefore, writing a letter to your beloved ones will always make their day and double their happiness.

I Love You Letter from Father to his Daughter


Robert Campbell

16th July 2017


Dear Kate Griffin,

Hope you are enjoying your married life happily. It has been just three months of your marriage but it seems to be like years that we have not seen you. I miss you every moment but I know this is also the part of life. Your mother starts the day by narrating any of your habit or incidents while on the breakfast table. I am busy in my office routine and miss to conversant with you. But your mother used to tell me the whole conversation between her and you whenever you called her. That is why I decided to find some time to express my love in writing a letter to you. My daughter, my words do not encircle my feelings for you but I love you from the core of my heart. There is nothing important to me more than you and if you need anything must inform me.

God bless you and your husband.


Robert Campbell


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I Love You Letter from Father to his DaughterI Love You Letter from Father to his Daughter

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