Letter Accepting a Teacher of the Year Award

It is always a matter of great honor and respect if you get nominated for the best teacher award as an acknowledgment of your efforts and hard work. One must always accept a piece of appreciation like this, this kind of thing always boosts up your morale and encourages you to work even harder in the future. The letter starts with a thank you note and then you show your respect for the offer by accepting the award. The following letter can be used in this matter.

Letter Accepting a Teacher of the Year Award

Dear [recipient’s name],

I hope this finds you well. I received your letter a couple of days ago and it is a matter of great honor for me to have been nominated for the best teacher of the year award. I appreciate your concerns and I proudly accept the award humbly. It was very surprising and pleasing for me and my family and I’m very grateful to you for acknowledging my hard work of 5 years like this. I will make sure to work even harder and better in the future.

Since the award distributing ceremony is in the next week, I and my family will definitely attend the event. A picture is enclosed within this letter along with a brief info as per you requested. I once again want to thank you for this great honor.

Yours Sincerely,

[Your Name]


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Letter Accepting a Teacher of the Year AwardLetter Accepting a Teacher of the Year Award

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