Letter [Email] from a Wife to her Husband Working Away Home

It is not uncommon for lovers or married couples to be separated by hundreds of miles. To stay in touch and to share feelings letter writing is a very traditional tool. These letters are straightforward and in a case where there is mutual understanding, there should be no danger of anything written being misunderstood. These letters, therefore, cart be long and filled with a material which will be interesting to the recipient.

Letter [Email] from a Wife to her Husband Working Away Home


Dear John

Well, here I am. Hope you are good and having a good time well not too good.

I went down to see my Mother and Father on Saturday and Mom & I spent a lovely day looking around all the shops, I didn’t spend too much money. It was great; I managed to get all my Christmas shopping done. I can’t believe how organized I am this year, you ought to go away just before Christmas every year. No, I didn’t mean it.

On Saturday evening, I took Mother and Father out for a bar meal to the Centurion, you know, the little place at hometown. The food was excellent. I stayed the night at my parents’ rather than driving all the way back home.

I have been very busy at the office. That new project we have been working on, is now in its final throes, so uncontrolled hysteria has broken out to get it finished on time. I have not been working too late, though; in fact, I’ve been getting home early enough to do a bit more decorating. I’ve finished painting, all the woodwork in the hallway and dining room and I thought I’d do the hallway ceiling tonight if I’ve got time.

Oh, guess what? You remember, I applied for tickets for us to see that new show in the theater? Well, they arrived today and we’ve got fantastic seats, only two rows from the front. I can’t wait.

You’ll never guess what I’ve been roped into doing by our mad next door neighbor. I’ve said I’ll go carol singing with them next week. I must have asleep or something when I agreed to it. It should be a good laugh; about twenty of us are going around the town next Tuesday and Wednesday evenings; and it’s all for good cause, the church fund, I think. Carl and Natalia have invited me to have a meal with them before we go out, so that’ll be nice. Everyone’s been great, phoning and calling around to make sure I’m OK. It’s lovely of them to bother, isn’t it?

How are things with you? Hope your meetings are going well, have you had a chance to do any sightseeing yet? If so, what happened to my postcard? I’m sure the next couple of weeks, will go by quickly enough, but it seems like an eternity’ till you come home. The old saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is so true, but I could do without the “absence” to make me realize it.

Anyway, I’m writing this during my lunch break which is just about finished, so I’d better go and get back to the mass hysteria … if you have time, drop me a line and let me know how you’re getting on. It really won’t be long before you’re back, so ‘till then, take care.

All my love,



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