Letter of Appreciation for Scholarship

Scholarships play an important role for deserving students who are brilliant and hardworking but unable to manage the expenses. If such students are not awarded with what they deserve, disappointment leads them to the wrong path. Nowadays media and forums gave a lot of awareness to people who have enough to help and support the deserving students.

Apart from it, helping attitude for needy gives internal satisfaction and long lasting peace to a person. All well known educational institutions are playing a vital role in helping the deserving students reach their goals. It is always seen that some students are very intelligent and hard working but their family is unable to support them as in this global world higher studies are becoming so expensive and unable to manage especially for poor parents who are earning the least livelihood.

Letter of Appreciation for a Scholarship

Dartmouth College
Hanna Smith
NH 03775, Hanover, New Hampshire.

7th November 2016.

Miss. Eliza Wordsworth
Dartmouth College
NH 03775, Hanover, New Hampshire.

Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope my letter finds you the best in health and joy. I am hereby to thank you for the scholarship you granted me. I am so dedicated to complete my studies. My father is jobless and my mother just earns the livelihood that can fulfill the basic needs of our family. Since my school time, I am taking the best grades and always been a topper. I am also active in extracurricular activities. I want to complete my studies in best grades, so that I may be able to earn for my family and also my little siblings to complete their studies.

Nowadays, all jobs and work require the best education and skills. My dream came true when my scholarship was announced as I was so anxious about it. It was all because of your well being that you checked my previous record and helped me in fulfilling the wish of continuing my studies.

Thank you for being thoughtful and generous. I will always be praying for your good health.


Hanna Smith

Dartmouth College

Assisting Operation Director, Sky Tech Ltd.


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