Letter to Cancel or Postpone an Invitation

Our colleagues, friends and family members always remember us in their social gatherings. In today’s world when everybody is busy with his active schedule and nobody is finding the time for each other, we should have high regards for those who invite us and remember us at the time of their events. This is the true value that one can have for other that he wants to keep in touch with him despite his tough routine. This invitation may be verbal or in a written form. Therefore, this is a general courtesy, if someone cannot turn up to join the gathering then he should inform the invitee in written form with apology and reason to avoid the invitation. This would not only help the invitee to arrange the event as per strength joining the event but also clears his heart from your side for not joining the event.

Letter to Cancel or Postpone an Invitation


Samuel Anthony

Block 20B, North Hill Avenue, Washington DC.

11th May 2017


Mr. Paul Garrett

Block 13A, Park Avenue, Washington DC.


Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope you are fine and enjoying your health. I heard great news about your promotion and received your invitation to celebrate the promotion party on Saturday evening. But I feel sorry to inform you that I would not be able to join the party. As I am going Chicago this Friday for a business deal and would be available after two weeks. Moreover, I am unable to postpone my visit due to the reason that this deal is going to final after the efforts of three months. Therefore, if I postpone it now, then it would take several months to finalize again. I congratulate you again for your promotion and I will plan a dinner in your honor on my return but this time, accept my apology for not joining the party. I hope my humble absence would not hinder the party and all your friends would attend it to celebrate your promotion. Thank you for your invitation.

May you always flourish in your life and have many promotions like this.

Yours Truly,

Samuel Anthony


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Letter to Cancel or Postpone an InvitationLetter to Cancel or Postpone an Invitation

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