Letter to Confirm Attendance and Talk on a Convention

A convention is a large meeting or conference. The issues and matters of common interest are discussed. The time and place are decided beforehand. Such meetings can be for profession or industry. The conventions for the profession are on advancement and diversities. The conventions for industry relate to trade culture and various new segments to be introduced. All type of conferences, seminars, and meetings comprise of a group of people related to the topic which can benefit them in future. When people are invited to participate or talk on a convention, a letter is being sent. The letters mention the topic, number of participants, time, date, and venue. Especially when we are inviting someone to talk we need to be more specific about details. And the tone must be requesting. The format must be concise. While accepting such invitation, the speaker should also be gracious. And he can also ask about any details or additional requirements needed.

Letter to confirm Attendance and Talk on a Convention


National Security Corporation.

Jordan Michael

37 St. Fourth Boulevard Avenue, California

15th May 2017


Mr. Paul Marlon

Regiment Security Institute of Training

12 South St, Hill Top Avenue, New York.


Dear [Recipients Name],

I am delighted to have the honor to speak at your Security Management Convention to be held on 5th June 2017 at Alexander Convention Hall. I am much excited to attend and speak. The topic sounds very dynamic. The issue of security is the most appealing issue arose since years. I am trying to create a new pattern for security management of big industries and shopping malls. I have received the details about the audience and the assistant speaker Mr. Harris. Please send me the contact details of the assistant speaker. I need to discuss some parts of speech with him. I need some arrangements of the whiteboard. Along with my speech, I will be explaining the topics with diagrams on the board. I have received the reservation details and tickets. I will be leaving tomorrow from California at 7:15 a.m. I hope the transport services will be smooth. Please respond to my queries.

I look forward to seeing you soon.


Jordan Michael.

Managing Director Security, National Security Corporation.


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Letter to Confirm Attendance and Talk on a ConventionLetter to Confirm Attendance and Talk on a Convention

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