Letter to Confirm the Reservation to a Guest

Nowadays, the trend of merger and the joint venture is gaining wide acceptance. It is followed by a lot of trips to other cities, states, and countries. This kind of business proves very profitable for either companies or organizations. For business stay trips, we need to have reservations. Reservations are always made before time as there can be the availability issue. During religious and cultural events, hotels reservations are always full. To avoid any mismanagement in such situations, advanced booking proves helpful. Hotel reservations are a kind of acknowledgment. Personal details and phone numbers are an important part of the booking. The reservation is a type of formal letter including all relevant information like date of arrival and departure, duration of days, deposit details etc. A proper record of reservations is always kept as to avoid any misunderstanding from both parties in the future. Reservation confirmation letter also includes the option of cancellation depending on the mentioned circumstances.

Letter to Confirm the Reservation to a Guest


Johnson Power Solutions

Taylor Bullard

46 St. Crown Avenue, New Jersey.

19th July 2017


Mr. Mark Brewster

Legal Agency Ltd.

24 St. Park Lane Avenue, San Francisco.


Dear [Recipients Name],

I am glad to know about your official trip to New Jersey. The letter is to provide you all the reservation details about your stay. Wish you best of luck for the agreement of your new power plant with our company. We hope to have good relations with both companies. I have made your 5 days and 6 nights reservation in Silver Star hotel. This is the best hotel in the town. It is just 10 minutes away from our company. I have booked the luxury suite for you. Enclosed with the letter is your confirmation receipt. All payments are from the company. If you have any queries, you can contact on this number 51481532. The company pickup will receive you on Monday 14th August 2017. The company is providing you a liaison officer for your assistance. He will guide you with all the meetings and procedures.

Have a safe journey.


Taylor Bullard

Operations Manager, Johnson Power Solutions.


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Letter to Confirm the Reservation to a GuestLetter to Confirm the Reservation to a Guest

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