Letter to Confirm the Safe Delivery of Package

In this global world; means of communication, transport, posting and deliveries of packages has become so easier. Previously all modes were difficult and time taking. Now it takes a week, a day and sometimes just hours to deliver things etc. Despite all, names and additional services vary from country to country. This also made relationships stronger as our friends, families and beloved ones stay in touch with us. Sometimes our family members who are living far from us are in need of some important documents and things, so we have to send them as soon as possible. These things are made so easier by different modes of fastest and safe transfer. It had build trust among people by ensuring timely delivery and safe procedures. The companies who deliver the packages have also given the facility of tracking packages as well as customer services numbers to track if there is any hurdle or delay. People when starting a new business are much concerned about safe and sound delivery of all the packages. People who are sending personal and important documents are also concerned. Tangible items are also focused.

Letter to Confirm the Safe Delivery of Package


Five Adze International

Peter Jim

Block 20 D, Clifton Avenue, Oklahoma

20th November 2016


Mr. Fredrick John

Best way luxuries Ltd

8 St. Pearl Avenue, New Mexico.


Dear [Recipients Name],

Hope everything is going well on your side. This letter is to confirm the delivery of the package I had sent last week. As per the deal at the meeting, the package contains the hosiery items of all sizes. Tags and important booklets are also inside. As I have just started this business, so I am much concerned about safe and in time delivery with no valuable document missing. I have sent you all the necessary information about the package and the tracking number so that it may become easier for you to trace and track. Please confirm and respond as soon as you receive without any damage.

Hope to stay in touch. Have a joyous day.


Peter Jim

Supply Manager, Five Adze International.


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Letter to Confirm the Safe Delivery of PackageLetter to Confirm the Safe Delivery of Package

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