Letter to Disagree with a School Decision

Sometimes, the school administration takes some measures that are unjustifiable and are opposed by the parents. In such kind of situations, disagreement letters are written by the parents to show their disregard for the unfair decision. The letter must be written in a convincing way with a respectable tone since you’re dealing with the faculty and administration so, it must always be respected. The following letter is written in this regard.

Letter to Disagree with a School Decision


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Dear [recipient’s name],

Greetings. I am Mrs. Parker, mother of Kevin Parker who is the 8th grade at your school. A couple of days ago I got the circular from your school administration regarding the date sheet of final exams of the students. I noticed that the date your school administration has decided is 22nd of this month while the course ending date is 20th of the current month. Every year, before final examinations, the students are given a week off to study and revise the course. It is very clear that the students would not be able to have it this year and I’m afraid it will affect their grades.

I am writing this letter as a representative of the parents’ community to show our disagreement with the selected dates for the exams. Students must be given a week off as prep-leave before the examinations so that they could prepare well since these grades will affect their future college applications. I hope that you will address the issue without any further delay.

Thank you very much.

Yours Sincerely,

[Your Name]


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Letter to disagree with a school decisionLetter to Disagree with a School Decision

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