Letter to Request a Correction of a Billing Error

People are often irritated when they are billed wrongly. Though small errors can be neglected when the bill has a grave difference between what one should have been charged and what he is charged, it certainly needs to be addressed so that the error could be corrected promptly to avoid future consequences.

Letter to Request a Correction of a Billing Error

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Dear [Recipient’s name]

Two days ago, I had called to complain regarding the incorrect billing of my wireless set and I was told to write to the company about the matter in detail. Since I don’t keep a mobile phone, I use this wireless set when I am at home. I sometimes also take it outside the house where it could catch signals from the base set placed at home.

I am telling you all these details to make clear that I am in a habit of using this phone only and the usage has never exceeded the limit to charge me a bill of more than $50. Could you imagine that if I am always charged below $50, my bill has suddenly crossed $500? How could this even happen

For a moment I doubted myself for having talked too much with my friends on the call being leisurely old women so I checked the calling details of the last month. Not a single call exceeded 15 minutes and a total of 50 calls were made in the whole month.

According to this, the total becomes dollars 48 only. Let us assume it was dollar 100 maximum if I have been too talkative (which I was not, though) but this $500 is beyond my understanding.

All I can understand is that this was probably a mistake and you need to correct it. Since I was asked to write the matter in detail, I have written all the details and have enclosed my estimated bill as well. Kindly check this error and rectify it. This bill has become a nightmare for me so I would encourage if work promptly in this regard. Thank you very much.



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Letter to Request a Correction of a Billing ErrorLetter to Request a Correction of a Billing Error

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