Letter to Request Someone to Write a Recommendation Letter

In today’s time when competition in the job market is cut throat, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to not only get hired but also it is a challenge to maintain a good reputation. Companies usually hire people who are not only good at their job but also have a strong network of people who endorse their skills. Recruiting companies are also constantly looking for people who have good recommendations and skills. People often request their seniors, bosses or colleagues to write recommendations for them regarding their sound professional knowledge and good character. To ask a former employer or a colleague to write a positive feedback, the easiest way is to send a formal request letter. This helps to clearly communicate the requirement between the two parties.

Letter to Request Someone to Write a Recommendation Letter


Hadley De Vinci

Aspire Law Ltd.

56 St. Castle Avenue, Las Vegas

7th October 2016.


Mr. Mark Thatcher

Legal Agency Ltd.

Block 32D, Race Course Avenue, California


Dear [Recipients Name],

I hope my letter finds you in the best of your health and spirit. It has been a long time I formally approached you. My time in your company and under your able guidance will be one of the most learning experiences of my life. It is because of that training and guidance that I have been able to steer my career on the right path and direction. I will be embarking on a new journey in a new place with new people. I would feel honored if you would be kind enough to write me a recommendation letter. This will help me immensely in securing a job at a good company and help me build my career. We have spent a lot of time on the same projects so you know not only about my professional knowledge but also about my personality and character. I believe you are the right person to endorse my skills and abilities.

Looking forward to your response

I hope you will be generous enough to write a recommendation letter for me.



Hadley De Vinci

Assistant Lawyer, Aspire Law Ltd.


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Letter to Request Someone to Write a Recommendation LetterLetter to Request Someone to Write a Recommendation Letter

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