Letter to Sympathize for the Death of a Family Member

Our beloved ones hold a special place in our life. Sometimes, we are spiritually dependent on each other. Children are much attached to their parents. All actions of children revolve around their parents. But a natural phenomenon, which is death, can take place anytime. A death in result of uncured illness or disease is certain. But, the death as a result of sudden accidents is too hard to cope with. Above all, it is the reality of life. But, it is always very hard to accept.

Nothing can fulfill the place of our beloved ones. Especially, sudden death is so hard to forget. But, time is the best healer. All pains can only be healed with time. With the passage of time, everything becomes normal. But beloved ones can never be forgotten. By some way or the other, their need is felt and they are always memorized.

Letter -1

I heard the news of Michael’s death. It is so hard to accept his sudden demise. He was my only best friend since childhood. He was just like a brother to me.

I am unable to express the pain I am going through as he was so close to me throughout his life. He was a man of words. All those people who met him even once have always complimented his kind and giving nature. He can never be forgotten. I have arranged special prayers for him in the church on behalf of our staff.

As you had the only son, no one can fulfill his place ever but you have to keep hope for the sake of the rest of your family. I can imagine the stressful time you are going through. It is hard to accept. Please do not hesitate and feel free to contact anytime for help. I will always be available for any kind of support.

I present my deepest sympathy to you and your family.


Harris Jackson

Letter of Condolence

I have just heard of your terrible loss and hasten to offer you my sincerest sympathies for your great bereavement. At such a time it seems in vain to express one’s feelings because these are altogether too overwhelming.

You may derive a tiny grain of solace and strength by knowing that there are your friends all over the country who share your most profound feelings of sorrow. Believe me, all of us here are deeply grieved.

This world is a valley of sorrows, and you can derive some comfort from the fact that your mother has been relieved of the acute chronic pain in her body because she has now shuffled off her mortal cloak, and begun journey anew. After all, that is life and death. It is just like changing clothes from one set to another.

Please forgive me if my letter expresses my sorrow poorly. Much is meant here than meets the eye.

Possible reply to above

Your letter of sympathy has acted as an ointment on my wounds. It has given me more peace than I can express in words.


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