Love Letter to a Classmate

Dear Amelia,

I wonder, how you would react to my addressing you with that prefix, but excuse my boldness. As an old classmate, having worked together in the Physics laboratory for two years, if not for any other attachment, I think I stand entitled to address you that way.

Little did I think that simple attraction, desire to be near you, will develop into love. But now I have no hesitation to admit that I am in love with you, I say, deeply in love with you.

I do wonder the day when you spoke to me for the first time. It was the first day in the Physics laboratory. As you came, all eyes were riveted on you. Then you were allotted a seat next to mine on the same table. Other classmates whispered congratulations on my being lucky in being near you. I did not and could not understand it then.

There was no formal introduction, still every Monday you were near me, on the same table for 4/5 hours.

I did not feel it, then, there came a stage in my life when I would anxiously wait for Mondays. The hollowness in life widened when Monday happened to be a holiday. I felt queer, but I could not explain the cause.

Then came a day when you spoke to me. By then you knew my name and I yours. Your musical notes still resound in my ears.

With all that said and done, I had not the courage, in fact, I had not had a topic to talk to you. But even then, I waited for the occasion when you talked to me and gave me the chance to say yes or no. I could not go beyond answering your queries. This was for the two years that we were together.

The term ended and we separated. It was then that I felt the pangs. I was then that your sweet figure began to haunt me. Your charming figure haunted me, your musical call “hey honey” resounded in my ears, if not every night; every Monday I could feel you were addressing me and in my sleep, I would murmur “yes” or “no” as the reply to your questions.

Then came the day, I learned you were examining some examination answer-books. I was interested in someone, I had no approach. I went to Prof. Stephan for an introductory note. Do you know what he said? I couldn’t believe my ears. “Sweet boy, go straight, she will do your job. She is in love with you. My experienced eyes could not deceive me”. With that assurance, I came to you. You were so nice, so decent, so polite that I stood elated. You entertained me to tea and obliged me willingly.

I tried to search your heart, but that day you were not informative.

Now comes my confession. It is for you to honor it or reject it. I have simply to say I love you and love you deeply.

And before I close, I have simple to say that I have started a business of my own. I am doing well.

You can well imagine how anxiously I shall await your reply

Yours in love,



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