Office Services Letters

  1. Requesting reservation for conference room

I would like to request use of Conference Room A or B on Tuesday, April 30, from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. For a team meeting to discuss an upcoming product launch.

We will be using a laptop for a PowerPoint presentation and have requested use of an LCD projector from Information Technology.

Announcing policy for reservation of conference rooms

Conference Rooms at [Company Name] may be reserved as much as thirty days in advance of a scheduled meeting. An online request for use of rooms can be found on the Office Services website.

There are six available conference rooms.

  • Conference Rooms A and B have a capacity of twenty-five persons.
  • Conference Rooms C, D, and E can each accommodate forty-eight persons.
  • Our largest facility, Conference Room F can be used by forty-eight persons in its ordinary configuration or ninety-six persons when its rear wall is retracted to make it an extension of Conference Room E.

In general, use of rooms is on a first-request basis. However, Office Services maintains the right to cancel a reservation when another meeting with a higher priority must be scheduled at the same time.

Conference Rooms are ordinarily available for eighty-minute blocks of time; this is intended to allow ten minutes for clean-up and preparation between meetings. For meetings that will require more than ninety minutes, special approval is required from the Office Services department.

All conference rooms include the following facilities: a projection screen for use with presentations, one or more amplified speakerphones for use in telephone conferences, and chalkboards or whiteboards.

  1. Policy on use of off-site facilities for meetings

All requests to use off-site facilities for meetings are required to be approved by the Office Services department.

The [Company Name] has negotiated special rates at several area hotels and conference centers. We also have specific requirements for insurance coverage for our staffers as well as any service providers.

  1. Personal letter regarding handicapped access to building

Since I returned from work two weeks ago after my automobile accident, I have become aware of several obstacles put in the way of persons with permanent or temporary physical handicaps.

As a long-time employee of [Company Name], I am aware of the company’s commitment to supporting the needs of all employees, and I am certain [Company Name] has followed all of the elements of federal and state laws mandating accommodations for persons with disabilities.

However, I feel it is worth pointing out that I have found from personal experience that the curb cuts in the south parking lot are on a stretch of pavement that is not level, making use of a wheelchair very difficult. Further, the lunch counter at the [Company Name] cafe is completely unusable for someone in a wheelchair and the otherwise friendly staff at the lunchroom have obviously not been trained in assisting someone in a wheelchair.

I would be happy to share my experiences with Office Services and assist in any way in improving access for all employees and visitors to [Company Name].

  1. Announcement of cafeteria hours and policies

The [Company Name] has extended its hours to accommodate the increasing number of employees taking advantage of flextime schedules.

Effective May 1, the cafeteria will be open for breakfast snacks beginning at 7:45 a.m. daily. Lunch will be served from 11:45 a.m. until 2:30 p.m., and sandwiches and other snacks will be offered for the remainder of the day until 5 p.m.

Each day’s menu will be posted on the [Company Name] café website.

  1. Announcement of outdoor picnic area

Now that warm weather has finally arrived, we are pleased to announce that we have added six picnic tables and umbrellas on the patio outside the [Company Name] cafe.

During regular hours for the cafeteria, the emergency exit door just past the cashier’s station will be unlocked to allow direct access to the patio.

Please help us keep the area clean by using the trash cans (divided into paper, plastic, and food bins), and please return all utensils, plates, and trays to the collection stations inside the cafeteria.

  1. Policy on use of cafeteria and break rooms for meals

Employees are reminded that company policy prohibits eating meals at your desk. You may bring your meal to the cafeteria and eat it there, or use one of the break rooms located on each floor of the headquarters building.


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