Office Supplies and Equipment Use Letters

  1. Policy advisory on office supplies

All employees are advised that orders for office supplies must be placed with the approved vendor. [Company Name] has negotiated contracts with most of the major local and national supply companies.

If a particular product is not available through an approved vendor, please contact the Office Services department and request assistance in obtaining preferred pricing.

The Accounts Payable Department will not authorize payment to unapproved vendors.

  1. Notification of approved vendors

Attached is a list of approved vendors for office supplies, updated as of this date. Please be aware that the Accounts Payable department will not authorize payment to vendors that are not pre-approved.

Contact the Office Services Department if you have any questions about the vendor list.

  1. Notification of unapproved vendors

Please be advised that the companies on the attached list are no longer on the approved vendor list for [Company Name].

The Accounts Payable department will not authorize payment to unapproved vendors. If you have questions about the vendor list, contact the Office Services department at extension 3454.

  1. Policy regarding use of office equipment for personal purposes

All employees are reminded that office equipment, including photocopiers, printers, fax machines, scanners, postage meters, and all other devices are not to be used for personal purposes or in support of outside organizations including religious and political groups or causes.

The only exception to this rule involves officially endorsed fundraising or publicity campaigns. For information about [Company Name]’s procedure to seek approval for a company contribution of equipment, supplies, or employee time to community groups please contact Human Resources. You can also read details of our policy on the HR website; look for the “Company Name in the Community” icon and select, “How to Propose a Community initiative”.

  1. Guidelines on use of copying machines

Each year, [Company Name] spends more than $140,000 on supplies for copying machines and laser printers.

That’s a significant portion of the supplies budget for the company, and each department must bear its own share of the cost based on usage. There are many ways we can all work together to reduce our expenditures in this area.

First, it is important to understand that a laser printer is more expensive to operate (and generally slower) than a copying machine. And the least expensive printing method for orders that require more than a thousand copies is a commercial printing shop. Here’s what that means to us as users:

  1. If you need only one or a few copies of a document produced on your computer, you should send the document to a laser printer.
  2. If you need to produce dozens or hundreds of copies of a document, create an original on a laser printer and then have copies made on one of our high-speed- high-efficiency copying machines.
  3. If you need thousands of copies for sale and marketing purposes or for an essential form-consult with the Office Services help desk for advice on using a commercial printer already under contract with [Company Name].

And finally, ask yourself the question: does this document have to be produced on paper, or can it be transmitted, stored, or acted upon electronically? A page that is not printed does not cost money for paper, toner, file folder, and filing cabinets.


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