Transportation Related Notices & Policies to Employees

Announcement of Parking Policies

The [Office Services] department has issued revised regulations for the use of the company parking lot. The full set of rules, which are now incorporated within the employee manual, can be found by visiting the [Office Services] website and clicking on the “Parking Lot” icon.

Here are the highlights of the regulations:

  • Every vehicle must be registered with the [Office Services] department, and employees must affix a [Company Name] parking permit to the back of the rear-view mirror.
  • Vehicles cannot be left in the parking lot overnight or over the weekend without advance notification to the [Office Services] department; permission will be granted only when the employee is traveling on company business or is working on-site during time periods beyond ordinary hours.
  • All employees are required to park in designated spaces and not in areas marked for use of visitors or handicapped drivers.

Notice of bicycle and motorcycle parking

We are pleased to announce that we have set up a dedicated parking area for bicycles and motorcycles in the southwest corner of the main lot at our Lumbertown facility.

We have installed four racks that allow locking bikes, and the motorcycle spaces are safely protected from intrusion by four-wheel vehicles.

As a reminder, all vehicles must be registered with [Office Services] and are not allowed to be left overnight in the parking lot without specific permission obtained from the Security Office.

Purchase of leased vehicle by employee

Any employee currently driving a company-provided vehicle is advised that we offer the opportunity to them to purchase their car at the end of the standard leasing period (usually three years) for the contract’s residual value plus a transfer fee.

In most instances, this will allow you to purchase a well-maintained young car at or near its wholesale price.

If you are interested in purchasing your company-provided vehicle under this program, please contact the [Office Services] automotive desk at extension 2343. Arrangements for such purchases must be made at least sixty days before the end of a lease term.

Availability of leases vehicles for purchase

[Company Name] will offer all permanent employees the opportunity to purchase vehicles from our fleet before they are returned to leasing agencies or sold to dealers.

Beginning August 1 and continuing the first business day of every month thereafter, we will post on the [Office Services] website a list of available vehicles that are due to reach the end of their lease period within sixty days. Employees may purchase any listed vehicle for the lease’s residual value plus a transfer fee.

In most instances, this will allow you to purchase a well-maintained young car at or near its wholesale price.

The current driver of any leased vehicle will have priority in purchasing a car. If they do not offer to purchase the vehicle before it is posted by [Office Services], we will accept the first offer received.

If you are interested in purchasing a company-leased vehicle under this program, please contact the Office Services automotive desk at extension 2343.

Announcing auction of company-owned vehicles

The [Office Services] department is offering any permanent employee of [Company Name] the opportunity to purchase cars, trucks, and other vehicles being retired from the fleet.

A full set of available vehicles is now available on the [Office Services] website at [].

You’ll find details about each vehicle, including its mileage and maintenance records, on the listing. The company will conduct an auction of the vehicles on Saturday, May 21, at 9 a.m. in the south parking lot. The starting price for each vehicle will be the wholesale “blue book” value; a vehicle which does not receive a bid at or above this price will be sold to a dealer.

If you have questions about the auction, please contact the [Office Services] automotive desk at extension 2343.

Policy on use of company vehicle for personal purposes

In general, it is against company policy for an employee of [Company Name] to use a company vehicle for personal purposes.

Company vehicles are intended to be used for sales and service calls or deliveries. Certain employees may be permitted to drive their company vehicle to their place of residence if they have to need to make sales or service calls from their home.

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