Disagreement Letter Concerning Employee’s Layoff

The main purpose of writing this letter is to give reasons to the reader about not going ahead with the actions which have been proposed. The problem should be clearly stated in the letter in a polite tone without blaming anyone. You can ask in a very polite way that you want your problem to be resolved. Also, give some alternative proposals if you have any.

Since you are writing this letter to tell that you cannot get ahead with the proposal so there is a need in the letter to tell the reasons for which you did not like the proposal. If you have any plan which can resolve this issue, you can also mention it in the letter. Keep the letter positive and make the reader feel comfortable with your words. You can show the reader that you trust him.

Letter -1

I am writing this letter because I want to tell you that the layoff proposal that you have planned is not going to work. We should set up a meeting and discuss this proposed plan in detail. You should visit the whole site so that you can find some more areas from where you can save money. The layoff can be very harmful to both: the people who have been working with us for a long time and for the company too.

I hope that you will also take some steps to save their jobs. You can call me to have a meeting so that we both can have a look at the problem and can deduce some solutions for the problem.


I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter to express my disapproval over your decision to lay off a significant number of employees from the marketing department. Please take it positively. Let me tell you that none of my staff members has been accused of a policy violation or bad performance.

I know you have made this decision for restructuring the company. However, the idea of layoff does not look better as far as my point of view is concerned. My sales team has worked wholeheartedly and burnt like midnight oil to achieve the annual sales target. It will not be a good option to reward them like this for their achievement. It will be a big mistake if we even think about laying them off.

I will appreciate it if you spare some time to sit with me so that we may discuss any other suitable solution for the development of our marketing department with any layoff. Please inform me whenever you will have free time.

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Yesterday, management received your proposed plan for revamping the sales department of the company. You have stated that laying off employees is necessary for streamlining the process. I hereby express my disagreement with your opinion. I have conducted a meeting with senior employees and top management officials of the company. They are of the view that there is no immediate need to execute this plan. It will be a big mistake if we lay off a significant number of employees.

It is witnessed from past records that the sales team worked hard and consistently to achieve difficult annual targets. Your proposed plan does not suit the management because employees must not be rewarded like this upon their achievement. Please hold a meeting with me to discuss another workable solution regarding this matter.

Your timely response will be appreciated.

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