Letter to Reprimand an Employee for not Meeting the Deadlines

Employees are hired for work and they are responsible for providing the work done within the time limit given to them. If a careful and responsible attitude is not shown from the employees, it can affect the whole business either directly or indirectly. Since employees cannot be terminated easily as this is not what the professional business norm is neither it is beneficial for the business itself, therefore, a better approach is to notify and reprimand them for their improper behaviors so that they may get conscious of improving their attitudes.

This letter can be written to reprimand an employee for not meeting the deadlines.


 Dear [recipient’s name],

We hire employees to work for us. Being in this important line of business where competition is increasing every day, we want to make sure that our employees are competitive, potential and punctual. I am sure that you know punctuality is not only to come to the workplace and meetings in time. It also includes completing the given work in the given time. Although your performance has not been the same earlier, I am disappointed with your performance. You are not meeting the deadlines and this is not the first time that you are going beyond the deadlines. Your performance is affecting our reputation. Our clients have had an unsatisfactory experience with us since their project was not ready in time and it was you who was managing the projects. I am afraid that if such a performance of yours continues, we’ll be left far behind in the business line. I want you to be conscious of meeting the deadlines given to you. In the case otherwise, I shall have no other choice but to send you a final decision. Thank you!


[Your Name]

[Senders Title] -Optional-


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Letter to Reprimand an Employee for not Meeting the DeadlinesLetter to Reprimand an Employee for not Meeting the Deadlines

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