Employee Workplace Leaving Announcement Letter

A letter of the announcement is written about the leaving of an employee when he/she leaves the workplace due to resignation/retirement or transfer to another place. Because such letters are about employees that have been working with the organization earlier, it is important to write them carefully and follow the particular guidelines that should be kept in mind while writing a letter of announcement about the leaving of an employee. It is important that;

  • Such a letter includes the mention of notable contributions and services of the employee.
  • A letter of the announcement of an employee leaving should never have the mention of unpleasant experience especially if they were the reason for the left of the employee. Remember that good employers not only welcome their employees with a good wish but also goodbye them in a courteous manner.

This letter can be used to announce the leaving of an employee.


This letter is being written to inform you that Mr. [name], the [designation] from [department name] is immigrating with his family to [country name]. Hence he would be leaving us after [number] years of dedicated and honorable service. Mr. [name] is a valued employee and he would be greatly missed.

He joined this company on [date]. In all these years, we found him to be a very hardworking, dedicated, and loyal employee. He has been through all the ups and downs this company has faced over the years. His unwavering devotion and faith in our company and untiring efforts are truly appreciated. He has a lot of our flagship projects to his credit. His contribution to our company’s growth will not be easily forgotten.

We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Team

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am leaving this office and [Date] would be my last working day in this office. I had requested the administration to transfer me to the [city name] branch. My application has been approved and I would be moving on the said date.

The reason for this move is my father’s ill health. He has been diagnosed with lung cancer and as the treatment for cancer is very aggressive, my father needs me by his side during this difficult time. His chemotherapy is starting next week so I need to wrap everything up and move as soon as possible.

Working in this office for the last [number] of years has been an honor and privilege and I am leaving this place with a very heavy heart. I have learned a lot here and have been very lucky to find some great mentors who not only guided me in work-related projects but gave me invaluable lessons in time management and work-life balance. My experience here would always guide and help me in my future projects.

Lastly, I would like to extend my best wishes to all of you for future endeavors. I would also request you to pray for my father’s good health and quick recovery.

Yours sincerely,

Employee Workplace Leaving Announcement Letter

Size: 17 KB Word .doc File 2003 & later


Dear (Recipient’s Name),

This letter is to announce the leaving of Mr. [enter name], who has been working at our company as [enter title]. He has been a hardworking employee and his creative ideas benefited us very much for which we owe thanks to him. Due to some personal reasons, he is leaving [enter company name] and will no more work with us.

We will indeed miss his company and now it is a very tough task to find an alternative to him. Nonetheless, we are sad about his departure but we wholeheartedly wish him good luck in future endeavors.

A farewell party has also been arranged for Mr. [enter name] on [enter date] so that we can say him a special goodbye. Please join in. Thank you!

[Your Name]
[Senders Title] -Optional-


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