Letter to Respond to a Complaint about a Colleague’s Behavior

Employees of different mindsets and natures work under one room in the business environment. It is then natural for conflicts and issues to arise. Also, the attitudes of certain employee/employees can affect others. In such a case, there is no better choice but to reach the employer in private to report about the issue one is facing.

Usually, junior employees do not dare to complain about their colleagues especially if they are seniors since there are possibilities that their experience in using clever tactics will win them the suit, and the complainer will be left in disgust. Also, because employers do not entertain complaints from junior members with much attention and interest, they tend to remain quiet.

Nonetheless, it is the responsibility of the employer to make sure that all the employees are working with satisfaction and enjoying full rights. For this, it is necessary that the complaints of employees are responded to in time and properly no matter they are juniors or seniors. This sample letter can be used to respond to an employee’s complaint about a colleague’s behavior.

Letter -1

Dear Mr./Ms. [name],

I [title] [name] from [department name] department am writing to you in response to your complaint regarding the incident that took place on [date] at [time]. The working atmosphere at our esteemed company is very important to us. The company policy is very clear in this regard. There is to be zero tolerance for harassment, foul language, and misbehavior of any sort. Thank you for stepping forward and bringing the [HR department/ your supervising officer] in the loop.

We have made a disciplinary committee which will thoroughly investigate your complaint. After interviewing all the relevant people and the other party, the committee will decide what action needs to be taken. Rest assured that we are investigating the issue thoroughly and from all angles and would get back to you very soon. No one can get away with this sort of thing in our company.

Yours sincerely,


Letter -2

Dear [recipient’s name],

First of all, I would like to appreciate your courage in reaching me directly to resolve your problem. I always suggest employees bring their issues now to my office instead of stirring the hodgepodge of rumors and misunderstandings at the workplace. You have made a good choice by doing so.

Dear [enter employee name], I have read your complaint twice. I believe you are right in your say. Mr. [enter employee name] should not insult you for the mistakes you make since you are a new employee and because he has no right to do so. Even the company suggests that employees be informed of their mistakes privately and properly.

I received the same complaint from some other employees earlier this year, therefore, I now feel this is the time to take action. I will indeed talk to Mr. [enter colleague name] about this and I hope that you will not be treated this way in the future. Thank you for bringing the matter to my knowledge.


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