Letter Persuading Employees to Avoid Eatables on Work Floor

Not everything is written in a company’s policy. There are things that an employer does or does not want to see at his workplace but they are not a part of the policy and rules. In order to convince employees about it, letters are written in which the matters are argued in order to convince employees to do or not to do them. This letter can be used to convince employees to avoid eatables on the work floor.


Dear employees,

I want you to make sure that our workplace environment remains as professional as possible. Though there is no particular policy regarding eating on the work floor, I would still like to convince you that this is something that should be avoided. I am sure that eating in work hours causes distraction from work not only for you but also for the fellow colleagues. I saw stains of grease on the documents that I received from one of you yesterday. It was also shocking to see wrappers of eatables in a few cabins since I believed you know we strictly follow the principle of cleanliness in office. After such observations, I would like to suggest you please avoid eating on the work floor. There’s a break of half an hour in which you are free to enjoy your lunch and as many eatables as you want but when it is the official time and office hours, there are other important things to do than to eat; your work. I am sure that you also find this unprofessional and would get convinced that such a behavior needs be changed. Thank you!


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Letter Persuading Employees to Avoid Eatables on Work FloorLetter Persuading Employees to Avoid Eatables on Work Floor

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